Informed Consent to Herbal Medicine Consultation

Herbal Medicine is practiced by non-medical professionals and is complimentary to other regulated forms of healthcare in England. Consultations with a herbalist include taking a detailed case history, performing physical examinations such as tongue, pulse and iris diagnoses, creating a treatment plan with bespoke herbal prescription, and following up on results and progression of your health. Herbalists employ a range of therapeutic techniques including dietary and lifestyle advice. 

While the best course of action is continually sought for the patient there always exists the possibility of side effects, adverse reactions or inefficacy of treatment. Cucopia Ltd holds your safety and well-being as top priority in the management of your case and welcomes all questions or concerns you may have. 

  1. Cucopia Ltd has in no way suggested that my being under their care should prevent me from seeking treatment from any other healthcare practitioner. 
  2. Cucopia Ltd will strive to deliver the safest and most effective interventions for my case, however there is still the possibility that side effects or adverse reactions might occur, or that therapeutic benefit may not be achieved. 
  3. I will inform of all medical conditions I have been diagnosed with, symptoms I am experiencing, and medications I am taking/have taken in the past. I will also inform them of any new medical conditions or symptoms or medications should they arise. 
  4. I will inform the practitioner if I am pregnant or breastfeeding. I will immediately inform the practitioner should I become, or plan to become pregnant or if I begin, or plan to begin to breastfeed. 
  5. I will inform the practitioner if I do not understand any given part of the recommendations given to me or if I am uncomfortable with any aspect of my care. 
  6. All the information I provide is protected by General Data Protection Regulations and is confidential unless disclosure is required by law. 
  7. My case information may be used for the publication of case reports or case studies. Any information concerning my identity will be excluded from publication, thus maintaining my anonymity.
  8. I am free to purchase any products recommended by Cucopia Ltd for my treatment from a vendor of my choosing, being under no obligation to purchase products from Cucopia Ltd directly. 
  9. I have read and understand Cucopia Ltd fee and prices schedule. 

Consultation Fee Schedule

Initial Consultation (90 minutes) £90 plus cost of herbs
Follow-up Visit (60 minutes) £60 plus cost of herbs
Mini Consultation (30 minutes) £45 plus cost of herbs
Dispensing Fee (repeat prescription without consultation) £15 plus cost of herbs

Please note cancellations with less than 24 hours’ notice will incur the full consultation fee.

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