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Let's book a time to talk about your health concerns

Before you arrange a time to speak with Sam, we’d like to ensure you understand the consultation process ahead of you.

  • The initial consultation will last 60-90 minutes and can take place over zoom, in person or via telephone.  
  • A detailed case history will be taken covering all the systems of the body and past medical history.
  • Pulses will be taken as well as an examination of the tongue and irises as naturopathic diagnostic tools.
  • A bespoke herbal preparation will be formulated which could be a tea, powder or tincture.
  • Additional dietary & lifestyle advice will be suggested to support your health goals.

Please ensure you have at hand any medications and/or supplements being taken and the results of any recent medical tests if available.

What is the cost?

  • 15-minute free initial assessment via telephone/zoom
  • Initial Consultation (90 minutes) £90 plus cost of herbs
  • Follow-up Visit (60 minutes) £60 plus cost of herbs 
  • Mini Consultation (30 minutes) £45 plus cost of herbs 
  • Dispensing Fee (repeat prescription without consultation) £15 plus cost of herbs 
  • Please note cancellations with less than 24 hours’ notice will incur the full consultation fee

Terms & Conditions (disclaimer)

Please note that information and products on this site are not a substitute for medical treatment or diagnosis. Consult your healthcare practitioner, especially if pregnant or taking prescription medicine.

Contact me to book your consultation

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