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World Chocolate Day

​Who doesn’t love treating themselves to a chocolate treat? #WorldChocolateDay 🍫

Did you know that in Britain we eat an estimated 660,000 tonnes of chocolate a year – WOW! 😱

As you will know chocolate is made from the cacao bean (which is processed into cocoa) but few of us are aware of the benefits Cacao.

Cacao is packed with calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium and antioxidants.

Cacao powder can help:
🍫 Promote healthy digestion
🍫 Reduce IBS symptoms
🍫 Lower blood pressure
🍫 Reduce heart disease risk
🍫 Improve your mood!

A great way to get the benefits of Cacao is to add a couple of spoonsful into your smoothies, protein balls or an old fashion hot cup of cacao (we recommend adding a drop of honey or natural sweetener!). HOT TIP: Add a pinch of chilli or cayenne pepper to help with your circulation.