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Urtica Dioica - Stinging nettle

Look what popped up this week!

The Latin name for nettles is Urtica which means “to burn” most of us have experienced that painful stinging when we have brushed against a nettle 🌿

Did you know that the Romans rubbed nettles on their arms and legs to keep warm?

The nettle sting is a “counter-irritant” which means its chemicals can actually decrease existing pain. Nowadays fresh nettles have been used to ease muscle and arthritic pain.

What else is this stinger good for?

🌿Full of vitamins A, C and some B plus minerals such as iron, calcium, magnesium, silicon, potassium - a “superfood” for overall health. The sting disappears after minimal cooking so can be taken as a tea, added to stir fries or, my favourite, make a nettle pesto (recipe to come this week!).
🌿Antihistamine & anti-inflammatory - take the sting out of those hayfever symptoms with a cup of nettle tea a day
🌿Blood building - iron content may be useful for anaemia
🌿Also useful for urinary issues and removing toxins from our systems
🌿Clinical studies have found the root effective in treating enlarged prostate
🌿Promotes hair growth when applied topically as a wash
🌿Can help stop bleeding small cuts and nose bleeds

Popping my gloves on to harvest this “super-herb” 🥰