Immune Boosting Astragalus Miso Soup

​This nourishing miso soup with astragalus (Huang Qi) will help support your immune system.

Astragalus is used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to strengthen wei qi – the energy that circulates the surface of the body.

It is also known to increase white blood cell count, decrease viral replication and stimulates production of T killer cells.

(word of caution – do not take if you have an active infection, speak to your practitioner first)

Miso is a fermented bean sauce which is full of probiotics – supporting healthy gut flora has been strongly linked with immune system health.

Add in some immune-enhancing mushrooms and you have the perfect, simple to make soup to curl up with this Autumn.

For best results, enjoy regularly as a morning beverage or eaten as a soup, as is or with addition of rice noodles, tempeh, tofu, seaweed…whatever takes your fancy.


🍡 2 cups of broth (bone or vegetable)

🍡 4-5 slices dried astragalus root (rinse and pat dry)

🍡 2-3 tablespoons of miso

🍡 5 Shiitake mushrooms sliced

🍡 1 cup of green leafy veg

🍡 2 tablespoons of spring onions finely chopped

Optional: soft boiled egg, rice noodles, tofu or tempeh, seaweed


🍡 Place broth, astragalus and shiitake mushrooms to a pot

🍡 Cover and simmer for 10-15 minutes

🍡 Remove astragalus from the pot

🍡 Add miso, leafy greens and spring onions (and any other optional ingredients if using)

🍡 Stir until miso is dissolved

The soup will keep in the fridge and can be reheated for several days.

Enjoy 😍