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Reaching for a Monday morning coffee?

But could it be making you anxious?

Caffeine increases the stress hormone cortisol which stimulates our fight or flight response. This can make us overreact to situations, become irritable & agitated and make our hearts beat faster. Our bodies are designed to boost energy levels in the mornings so we already produce cortisol naturally, adding that cup of coffee first thing swamps our system. Try waiting until you have been up for at least an hour before consuming any caffeine.

If you already have increased anxiety or suffer from panic attacks, caffeine can cause these symptoms to worsen.

Effects of caffeine:

☕️Sleep problems
☕️Increased heart rate
☕️Changes in mood

Caffeine - the world’s most used psychoactive drug!

Try switching to a herbal tea or a cup of hot water, if you need a kick to get you going add some lemon and a pinch of cayenne - you will be surprised how much more energised you will feel by dropping the coffee in the morning. 🍋

If caffeine is a must, switch to a green tea, matcha latte or even a black tea…these have caffeine but in less quantity.